Company Background


Most customers and software professionals know us by our product name Project KickStart. Our company's official name, however, is Experience In Software, Inc., of Berkeley, CA. Experience in Software develops and markets business productivity software for managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and other business professionals. Its software synthesizes the management techniques of experts from various fields into simple interactive questions which guide users in creating solutions that meet their specific needs.

The software allows users to optimize and improve their business and professional skills in project planning, problem-solving, negotiating, consulting, and writing.

Products Descriptions

Project KickStart

Project KickStart is an easy-to-use project planning and management software for business projects. The step-by-step wizard expertly guides you through the quick steps for developing a plan. You'll identify phases, goals, tasks, obstacles, solutions, and resources.

You can schedule tasks, create professional reports, and measure project progress in professional dependency Gantt charts.

Use the Project KickStart dashboards and reports to communicate project status. Transfer project details to PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Word, Microsoft Project, ACT!, WBS Chart, and MindManager.

The Idea Generator

The Idea Generator (DOS) challenges the user to look at his or her situation from productive new points of view. Its three step process offers users a powerful way to solve problems and communicate those solutions to others. The program offers seven idea generating techniques, such as metaphors and reversing goals. The program helps users select their best ideas, prints out reports, and links with word processors, personal information managers, and outliners.

The Art of Negotiating

The Art of Negotiating (DOS) leads the user through a complete preparation of his or her own negotiation. The program is useful to anyone who negotiates in a personal or professional capacity. It is also an effective way to train others in negotiating.


Technical Note: The Idea Generator and The Art of Negotiating software were both developed using a custom language interpreter which permitted non-programmer domain experts to encode both products' rule-based actions.


Historical Note: In 1985 in a letter to InfoWorld, Roy termed the phrase "user experience" in what has become its contemporary fashion. Thanks Peter Merholz for spotting this usage using the new program, Google Books.

Market Profile

Experience In Software serves a wide variety of business, government, educational and nonprofit institutions throughout the world.

The market for Experience In Software products includes business professionals and educators, as well as attorneys, writers and consultants. A significant number of purchasers (30 percent) are company presidents, vice presidents, directors, and business owners.

As organizations down size, restructure and reengineer themselves, there is a greater need for problem solving software to help increase worker productivity. Project management, idea generation, and negotiation skills are essential weapons for top executives, middle managers and employees who operate in today's demanding business environment.

General Marketing Strategy

Experience In Software principally markets its software through it web site The company also distributes its products through resellers and consultants. Internationally, Experience in Software distributes its software in Europe, South America, Africa, and SE Asia.

Books: Experience In Software's programs have been covered in numerous books.

Experience In Software's strategic alliances with Primavera Systems and an ISV partnership with Sage regarding ACT!, along with MindJet's MindManager program, are important elements of its business strategy.

Evolution of Company

Experience In Software was founded in 1983 by Roy A. Nierenberg, an attorney and economist who served under Presidents Ford and Carter. Its first product was The Art of Negotiating. That program was adapted in 1984 from a book with the same name written by negotiation expert Gerard Nierenberg. Capitalizing on the success of that program, the company came out with Idea Generator in 1985. The Idea Generator Plus was released in 1987, featuring links with other software programs. Project KickStart was released in 1992 for DOS and for Windows in 1995.

The latest version of Project KickStart is Professional, version 5.0

Experience In Software is located near the University of California, Berkeley. Its close proximity allows the company to tap this pool of talented individuals for internships and specific projects. It is also close to innovative companies in the Bay Area, which has enabled it to forge productive links with other software companies.

Product Availability

Project KickStart, The Art of Negotiating and The Idea Generator are available directly from: Experience In Software at 800-678-7008 or 510-644-0694 (International), or visit our website at


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