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Project KickStart Announces Template Contest for International Project Management Day

In honor of International Project Management Day, November 4, 2010, Project KickStart has announced an open call (crowdsourcing) to submit project templates for an opportunity to win a free copy of Project KickStart.


To enter a template of your design in the Contest:
1. Download a free trial of Project KickStart, or if you already have Project KickStart, you can use your copy.
2. Use Project KickStart to plan any project that you would like to use as your template submission
3. Upload your project template using the form provided.


Contest ends 11:59 pm PST on November 11th, 2010. Good luck.

Project KickStart Pro 5 Now Allows You to Merge Projects.

Project KickStart Pro 5 latest build ( Jan 01, 2012 ) has added flexibility in allowing you to merge a subproject within a master project. It is very powerful and very easy to use. Just go to the Task List or Gantt chart, where you want to merge, then go up to the menus and select File / Merge. All the tasks of the project with all their information will be merged. You are able to think in chunks, and you get an overview over the entire project or projects.

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Vote for Project KickStart Pro 5 on

Project KickStart 4 has been number three download in the project management category at, but Project KickStart Pro 5 doesn't have any user reviews. If you use it and love it, would you please post your review of Project KickStart Pro? And let us know you did so.


Project KickStart Pro 5 Released with New Interface and flexibilty.

Project KickStart Pro 5 has been released. with a focus on increasing efficiency given the tough economic environment for everyone.

First, the most obvious feature upon opening Project KickStart Pro 5 is the user interface changes. Second, when you run a report, you'll like the quick access to project dashboards, task and gantt reports. Customers also wanted a bit more control over PKS so we've added five user preferences. Finally, you can now import contacts via a text file import utility and we've created project templates that are more pro than ever before.

More details:

Project KickStart Pro 4 Released with Task Dependencies for more accurate scheduling.

Project KickStart Pro 4 has been released. It features a Gantt chart with task dependencies that allow more accurate and more robust scheduling. You adjust one date or duration and other dates a durations change. This is a real time saver and a major boost in your personal productivity.

More details:

New Hires

We are proud to announce two new hires at Experience In Software
  • Please welcome Kevin Ahlvin (kevin (at) projectkickstart (dot) com) as our new VP, Marketing. Kevin has 15+ years in software marketing and was most recently a Director at Yahoo!.
  • Please also welcome Ann Kawamoto as our new Client Services Manager. Ann has over 15 years in data processing and was most recently an office manager for the City of Emeryville, CA.

Project KickStart 4 Released with improved UI and Gantt chart.

Project KickStart Standard 4 has been released. It features an improved user expeience, including a more robust and flexible Gantt chart.

Primavera Chooses Project KickStart 4 for Contractor software

Primavera Systems has chosen Project KickStart 4 for inclusion in their Primavera Contractor product.

Project KickStart Template Exchange is growing.

Since it first opened, hundreds of users have taken advantage of the Template Exchange to download free Project KickStart templates -- prx files that contain their approach to projects. Check out our latest free template downloads.

Project KickStart for Nonprofits.

Project KickStart has been used by nonprofits for years. Now we have a program for nonprofits that can save you money and get you organized! You can use it to:

  • Increase grant funding by presenting a documented plan of action.
  • Plan program development initiatives.
  • Minimize risks by anticipating problems before they occur.
  • Builds consensus among staff, volunteers, and stakeholders.
  • Make your meetings more productive.

Tucows Awards Project KickStart top rating -- Tucows 5 cow rating

We are pleased to announce that awarded Project KickStart 5 cows. All we can say is moo.

Project KickStart 3 translated into Danish, German, French, Swedish, and Italian.

We have achieved a goal of localizing Project KickStart into several languages. Honors for the first translation go to Erik Lahn Sorensen, who is responsible for the Danish translation (prompted by an inquiry from the Danish Post Office). French, Italian, German and Swedish versions have been completed.


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