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What is Project KickStart?

In a nutshell, Project KickStart is project management software that simplifies and enhances project planning for individuals and teams. It helps users define project phases, clarify goals, establish tasks, anticipate obstacles and delegate assignments -- all the upfront thinking needed for organizing any project.


There are three features that distinguish Project KickStart.

  1. Project KickStart helps you plan your project, think it through to raise the probability of success. Many project software programs just let you enter your project, as if you had all planned out beforehand. We've incorporated a cornerstone to successful projects, a proper planning interface.
  2. Even though we're on version 5, we've been ruthless in ONLY incorporate features that are truly needed and then, ensuring that each feature is easy to use.
  3. Flexbility: we have flexible pricing options, flexible linking with other software.

Project KickStart has sold well to managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and other professionals. Customers include: Sodexho-Marriott, Merrill Lynch, Unisys, Hewlett-Packard, AARP, and The United Way. Be sure to check out User Stories to read how customers are using Project KickStart. Feel free to contact us for case studies.

How is Project KickStart sold?

Project KickStart is sold direct for $299 and through authorized resellers. A 20-day Trial Version is available on this Web site. If you write an article mentioning Project KickStart, please include our phone: 800-678-7008 and URL:

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