Project KickStart Pro 4 Launches With Professional Gantt Chart Dependencies Feature

Berkeley, CA -- May 5, 2008 -- Experience In Software, Inc. How do you increase the efficiency of your staff? In today’s economy, this is a very significant question. Experience In Software, Inc., today launched Project KickStart Pro 4, a desktop project management software, that helps business users and project planners become more efficient with powerful new features to create dependent tasks for more complex projects.
Virtually all projects consist of tasks that must be completed in a specific order. With this new version, Project KickStart Pro 4 automatically links tasks so that any duration changes in one task cascade down to its dependent tasks, immediately displaying the downstream effects on the entire project.

According to Roy Nierenberg, CEO of Experience in Software, “Organizations of all types will find this new version a major improvement to their project planning and management efforts. For instance, manufacturers must design and test a new product, create packaging and pricing before the product is ready to be sold.” Roy adds, “if a delay happens in the first step of your project, Project KickStart Pro 4 will automatically adjust the related tasks and timelines for the entire project, saving time and resulting in a far more accurate and maintainable project plan.”

Typical customer scenarios that could benefit from Project KickStart Pro are:

  • Teams working on projects in every type of organization need a way to integrate idea generation, problem-solving, planning, and scheduling into their core working process. For many teams, the bigger project management tools are overkill, focusing as they do on complicated, formal project management methodologies. Project KickStart Pro 4, with the new dependent tasks feature, gives teams and individuals a way to develop project plans organically, using a series of wizards and libraries of pre-built project phases, tasks, and obstacles.
  • Corporations create projects that have sequential, and dependent, tasks. Unlike most online project management tools, Project KickStart Pro 4 mirrors the dependent nature of these tasks: changes to tasks and timelines will now result in the entire project plan and schedule automatically updating. This feature will save time and result in more accurate project plans and schedules.
  • Non-profits follow a sequential series of dependent steps when brainstorming projects, crafting grant proposals, and securing funding. Often there are hard deadlines for non-profit projects, so project plan accuracy is very important.
  • Government teams analyze public works projects, develop requests for proposal, gather project proposals, develop task plans and schedules, and award contracts. Each step in the process depends upon the successful completion and approval of preceding steps. The same goes for projects that are conceived of, planned, and executed by agency staff.
  • Academic staff and faculty create everything from programs to lesson plans, and count on a product like Project KickStart Pro 4 to help them capture all of the potential phases, tasks, and obstacles, and then to sort among those to create action-based plans that take all dependencies into consideration.

“We have customers in every imaginable field, from Fortune 500 companies, small to medium sized business, local and international non-profits, government agencies, to academic institutions,” says Kevin Ahlvin, VP, Marketing at Experience in Software. “We hear from customers time and again that Project KickStart is their tool of choice when initiating, planning, and managing critical applications. Many organizations are affected by dependencies between the completion of one task and the start of another. Project KickStart Pro's dependent tasks feature eliminates the need for multiple tools and gives teams everything they need to conceptualize, plan, and schedule projects of considerable size or complexity. And, we’ve been able to add this new functionality while maintaining our low learning curve — enhanced functionality without greater complexity.”


Difficult economic trends put more pressure on business, government, and non-profits to maximize efforts through productivity improvements and cost reduction. Project KickStart Pro 4 arms users with a powerful, easy-to-use planning and management toolset that cuts the time required to plan and manage complex projects. For less complex projects, like those without dependent tasks or with fewer than 25 tasks, Project KickStart Standard 4 can be a good fit.


For more information, visit the Project KickStart Pro 4 page at: www.projectkickstart.comproducts/project_kickstart4.cfm Experience in Software offers Project KickStart Pro 4 for $299 (USD) and Project KickStart Standard 4 for $199 (USD). You can download a free trial and purchase the software online at / or through selected resellers, listed on the site. For sales, please call (800) 678-7008.


Software Requirements

Windows Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista 128 MB RAM, 25 MB free disk space


About Experience In Software

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, Experience In Software Inc., develops and publishes business productivity solutions.  The company was founded in 1983 by Roy A. Nierenberg.  Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government agencies, as well as consultants use Experience In Software's products to plan and schedule projects, brainstorm ideas and develop new sales opportunities.

Project KickStart and Project KickStart Wizard are trademarks of Experience In Software, Inc.

The Project KickStart Planning Wizard has been licensed to Primavera Systems for SureTrak Versions 2 & 3 and Primavera Contractor 5.


PR Contact Info

Roy Nierenberg

Phone: 510-644-0694
E-mail: roy (at) projectkickstart (dot) com


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