Customer Testimonials

"Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good work! I use Project KickStart daily for my general work organizer & planner."

-David Johnson, Microwave Engineer
Alcator Project at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"You guys had time to save my life"

"7 projects 3 different provinces and you guys had time to save my life. I mean honestly, the IT help is top notch and far above any industry standard I have experienced with any of our software providers. You responded on a Saturday, in what seemed like minutes after my desperate plea. Your company has afforded me countless hours of planning and seamless training tools. I start my project supervisors on Project KickStart Pro, prior to the daunting task of teaching them Microsoft Project. In fact I still build ironclad schedules with Project KickStart Pro, myself, and simply format it for Microsoft Project. I work exclusively for a Canadian company, West 18th Street Enterprises, the land and building development portion of Visions Electronics Company. It's a great company and I can assure you that your product makes us better men. Thank you again."

-Rob Wolfe, Project Manager
West 18th Street Enterprises, a division of The Stewart Group
working on projects for Visions Electronics Company

"Project KickStart is amazing"

"You sit down with it and in about 30 minutes, you can put together a very impressive project plan and schedule. Nobody believes it's that easy until they use it for the first time. After that, they're converts."

-David Little, Program Manager
Hewlett-Packard Outsourcing Services Group

"Your product is a life-saver"

"I am a courseware designer/manager for a new online business training centre, SkillsFouYou. As such, the task fell to me to plan the implementation of various components of our new centre. Your product is a life-saver. The tools and features provided are very handy and easy to understand. Project KickStart helped to turn a planning nightmare into an afternoon's work (it did take more than 30 minutes, but the project is a large one). Congratulations on a job well done."

-Connie Hearty
Director, Research Marketing and Business Development
University of Toronto

"Project KickStart never let me down..."

"Before I hung up my engineer's hat, I used PKS on a very regular basis. It became so routine -- when saddled with complex tasks that needed to be accomplished, Project KickStart never let me down. Perhaps one of the largest benefits was that of kick starting the collaborative efforts that gets things done. I would assemble the necessary team and, as usual, most would come into the room totally unprepared to start the next project. Sitting around a computer screen, I was able to use PKS to get them engaged -- getting their input from the very first glimmer of project goals, plan, and organization. When I did this, I not only captured their ideas, I also assured their buy-in. PKS made it so simple -- with a plan that had been so collaboratively developed, we routinely amazed our customers, often completing our assignments significantly ahead of time. It's amazing what a phenomenal return I recognized on that relatively small investment I made in software so many years ago. You developed one heck of a fine tool, Roy, and from first blush of version 5, you have made many noteworthy improvements, both in function and integration with other programs."

-Rob Henderson, President
Missouri City, TX

"Project KickStart helped me land the project of a lifetime"

"Project KickStart led to us managing a multi-million dollar international project with one of Asia's largest banking companies where we ultimately spend six months on-site.  This was the project of a lifetime and I've gone on record before stating that it was Project KickStart that was largely responsible for us landing that project.  Without the ability to quickly gather my thoughts and put together a project plan outline VERY quickly, I would not have landed that project for our firm."

-John Callos
IdeaBridge Consulting Group

"The kick is powerful ... the start is swift"

"... in my experience, most of the value in any project is created by the quality of thought invested in the creation and design of the activities. All the rest is mere mechanics, no matter how sophisticated the mechanics might be. I started to experience growing frustration fueled by a gradual realization that for most projects, using clever software only after the activity list is done, was focusing on the wrong end. Project KickStart solved all this for me.

-Brian Nielsen
Nielsen Instant Knowledge Systems

"My thoughts flowed freely and easily onto the screen"

"My thoughts flowed freely and easily onto the screen. When I ran out of ideas, I loaded a template and suddenly the ideas there generated a whole new stream of thought for me. My point is, the net result was more like that that come from a group brainstorming session. I ended with far more that I would have ever imagined alone."

" I believe educators, pastors, and leaders of other nonprofit organizations will find this program very valuable. It is affordable and effective."

-Eddie Smith, Coordinator
Intercessory Prayer Network
Houston, TX

"The Forest Service needed a lot of help quick!"

"I'm volunteering in Jackson, WY with the Forest Service and we needed lots of quick help in supporting the 17th Annual Mitsubishi Motors World Fly Fishing Championship. Project KickStart helped us quickly identify and assign to-dos for many tasks within hours."

-Bob Landen, Volunteer
Jackson, WY 83001

"Now everyone in the department wants to use it!"

"I think the latest copy of Project KickStart is a great front end for all projects. I have been able to map out multiple projects for my team and have had no difficulty in convincing them of the relevance of each step. We were the only team to submit a complete outline of our project by the deadline. Now everyone in the department wants to use Project KickStart".

- Steve Lilley, Director
Sales & Marketing Develop, Europe
Merck & Co Inc.

"I hand out assignments as I race to my next meeting"

"I love Project KickStart. With the spell check, Gantt Chart and assignment report, I can do my planning and time lines in Project KickStart, handing out assignments as I race down the hallway to my next meeting -- easy to use, to revise, and to create and manage resources."

-F.  Almgren
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Atlanta, GA

"Helps with user participation in the critical initial-planning phase"

"As a roving state project manager with 25 years of project experience, there's a factor that people often overlook in a project's success -- user participation. "User" is defined to be the group paying for the project, including the "little people" on teams and committees. Too often, users are passive and don't take responsibility for the outcome of a project, presuming they can disassociate themselves from the project, if necessary. Frequently, the pressure is squarely upon the project manager to whip up user involvement and participation. Not a good sign.

"I stumbled upon some tools that help with user participation -- especially during the critical initial-planning phase. For one example, try Project KickStart. Such tools engage users in the important strategic "visualization" steps and help identify risks and milestones. If given such responsibility early in a project, the users contribute more and support the project manager stronger."

-CJ Walters
North Carolina Attorney General's Office

"Of all the software I have ever purchased, this is the best bang-for-the buck. It enhances my stature as a professional because I always present a clear plan in exceptionally rapid time."

I am an IT consultant. I  was called by an agency to help one of their out of town customers resolve a major problem.

After a 2 hour meeting with the customer that same afternoon to analyze his problem, I requested a follow-up meeting for the next morning; the manager was due to return to his home office in Illinois at noon. I booked a Motel room and worked through the night with another consultant who was assigned to the account. I used Project KickStart for the first time. It took 1 hour for me to prepare a project plan, refine it, and export it into  MS Project.

The next morning I gave a presentation of my findings to the manager and also my plan to resolve it. Because his flight was leaving shortly he asked when I could prepare and send him a project plan for his review.

Imagine his surprise when I presented him with one immediately. He was further surprised when I gave him a diskette with the plan all ready to load on his home system in both the Project planning formats they used.

He went home with a solution that he presented to his seniors. This resulted in a 2 year contract for me and a promotion for him. The investment for PKS is the best I have ever made.

I have used Project KickStart extensively for large and small projects ever since then. Even "one-shot" jobs. The output never fails to impress management and peers. I always get the same comments: "Very Professional".

Of all the software I have ever purchased, this is the best bang-for-the buck. It enhances my stature as a professional because I always present a clear plan in exceptionally rapid time. Management loves that and so do I. I usually am not as organized by nature as this product makes me appear to be (and forces me to be).

Thank you very much for conceiving, developing, and making it available to us.

You have done us a good turn.

-Glenn R. Holmes, Consultant
Toronto, Canada

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