Project Management Tips

15. Ten Steps To IT Project Success
by Jo A. Boettcher


  1. Project Charter Review
    Gain an understanding of the scope of the project, obtain background on the business unit and project type being presented, and establish the most efficient and cost-effective manner for meeting the expectations of the project sponsor.

  2. Identify Project Organization: & Team Requirements
    Identify requirements as well as purpose for an executive steering committee, oversight board, or advisory team in addition to the personnel requirements for composition of project teams from both the business unit and the IT organization.

  3. Conduct A Collaborative Project Team Kickoff Meeting
    The kickoff meeting will establish the baseline for the project activities to take place. Issues regarding project scope should be addressed and gain group consensus. Individual roles and accountabilities will be defined for all project stakeholders. Project auditing measures will be determined, and criteria for success will be agreed upon.

  4. Analyze Business Requirements That Are Expected In The Project Deliverable
    Review all project-related documents, tools, findings, and recommendations and map them to the project plan, tasks and major milestones.

  5. Audit Project Tasks & Resource Requirements for Each Project Activity
    Create a review process and evaluation of team member's workload, proactively identifying and resolving resource constraints or issues.

  6. Review  & Monitor Project Goals, Objectives and Predicted Risks Through Project Life-Cycle Events
    Always keep aware of the project environment and any impacts they may alter the original goals or stakeholders expectations.

  7. Establish Project Business Rules
    Practice the 3 C's cooperation; coordination and communication or your project is destined to fail.

  8. Establish and Practice Change Management Principles & Processes
    Realize project plans are roadmaps and often detours come about. Be prepared for them before they happen.

  9. Gain Group Consensus By All Stakeholders Before Making a Decision
    Remember projects are comprised of teams all with a voice in the outcome.

  10. Live up to the label  - P.R.O.J.E.C.T.
  • P Planned
  • R Rational
  • O Objectives &
  • J Justified
  • E Expectations
  • C Coordinated &
  • T Team Driven

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