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Project KickStart 4 Released!

We are pleased to announce that Project KickStart Version 4 has been released. Version 4 is filled with lots of new features, including a brand new Gantt chart, as well as a link to ACT! 2007. Learn more.

Click here for a FREE Trial of Project KickStart 4.

Registered owners of Versions 1 - 3 may order an upgrade to Version 4.

Also announcing a new look and feel for the web site. Take a sneak peak and let us know what you think.

Background on Project KickStart (Based on V3)

Project KickStart is an easy-to-use project management program for small to medium-sized projects. The software focuses on both planning a project and creating a project schedule for easier management.

Project Planning & Management Software

Project KickStart is a seamless and extremely useful combination of project planning software and project management software. Using project KickStart, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for the next time your boss asks for a project plan or your staff demand a marketing strategy.

This easy-to-use project management program will help you design, organize and schedule your project in only 30 minutes. Find out more about Project KickStart: Planning and Management Software.

It's Fast and Easy. Get Your Plan Ready in Minutes.

Project KickStart's Wizard-like interface not only stimulates project brainstorming, but provides "built-in" expertise through smart questioning, a context-sensitive project advisor, expandable libraries of project-related knowledge and sample projects. It boosts productivity by helping to quickly generate effective strategies for projects.

Project KickStart does not require project management training to use. It is easy to learn and use, guiding you to generate tasks, consider, goals, anticipate obstacles, allocate resources, and organize all aspects of the project.

Product Reviews

Since its release, Project KickStart has received the highest praise for its ease-of-use, efficiency, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

"If you have projects to organize, you owe it to yourself to check out Project KickStart" - PC Magazine

"Project KickStart is to project management software what Quicken is to accounting software; it takes the best that project management software has to offer and makes it easy to use." - Executive Computing

Read more reviews from top industry professionals

Plan with Confidence

Project KickStart is for anyone who is planning a project. In today's business environment, people are taking on new types of projects, and they don't necessarily have the know-how to create a project management plan. Project KickStart not only gives them the chance to organize their projects, its built-in expertise can help ensure business success.

Project KickStart is a high quality management and planning software tool that handles up to 1,000 tasks and 100 resources per project. Users benefit from having all the details worked out, listed and accounted for within minutes. It is one of the best project management software tools on the market today.

Free Customer Support

Project KickStart comes with free help when you need it. It has a "hot key" project advisor and if you ever have an urgent question, you can call for free, friendly telephone support. Best of all, by working through all the program icons and organizing your project step by step, you will develop a clear overview of the project and what it will take to complete.

The software will help you with strategic planning and managing of your projects. You become totally in control which leads to more efficient, more effective, and more successful outcomes.

Schedule Your Tasks with the Built-in Gantt Chart

Project KickStart contains an easy-to-use Gantt chart for "big picture" scheduling, providing a clear, at-a-glace look at start and finish dates and durations. You can mark tasks done, and move them individually or in groups to account for delays.

The Gantt chart is intuitive and easy to use. Just click on the chart, and the task is automatically assigned for a duration of one day. This duration may be stretched or moved, and that moves the schedule in your project.

The software can be used as a "stand alone" item, has a variety of presentation-ready reports, and contains a simple report writing template for customizing reports. Project KickStart can be used as a front-end to MS Office and other popular applications, such as ACT! or MindManager.

Project Ideas
The management and planning tools that are build into the program allows it to be used for thousands of projects. We are proud to say that this powerful software has helped individuals organize events for churches, plan college and university student projects, develop research ideas, plan weddings, assist contractors, marketing, and architecture professionals, and more. Whether for use by businesses, for personal reasons, academic benefit, or improving organizations, Project KickStart is a powerful tool. Project KickStart is one of the best product management software tools on the market.

* Thinking Tools Store
We've collected some great business productivity software, four of which link to Project KickStart. They are broken down into: Project Management, Negotiating, and Brainstorming/ Organizing / Writing. Please visit the Thinking Tools Store for more high quality products. New addition: RiskyProject.

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Top Industry Reviews

"If you have projects to organize, you owe it
to yourself to check out Project KickStart

- PC Magazine



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