Projects can succeed with the right tools.

" Project KickStart leads you through the process of establishing a project plan... Starting with a good plan is critical. A good plan aims people in the right direction, and lets them see the directions that everyone else will be taking. That's one of the keys to project success."

-Bob Fabian

Project KickStart helps you implement plans.

" You can use it one of two ways: as a rapid prototyping tool, or as a bantamweight scheduler when you don't need to budget money and resources so much as set up basic sequencing to be sure you have thought of all potential barriers."

-Jeff Angus

Project Management Software for IT Professionals

We are proud to provide Project KickStart, an easy-to-use project management software program that can be used in virtually any IT project.

You're busy -- installing systems, migrating to third-party applications, planning data network and communication architectures, and improving security. You've got lots of projects to manage and little time to do them in! Learn more

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Minimize disruption to your system and users -- Project KickStart creates well-thought-out plans quickly and easily for planning an IT project.


Project KickStart is the fast, easy way to brainstorm, plan and schedule IT projects.

  • Use it stand-alone to quickly punch in project data
  • Quickly build a Gantt chart.
  • Export to Microsoft Project or other MS Office Apps.

"I liked the way Project KickStart queried and stepped you through the process of thinking about your objectives."
-- Mark Hulderman, LAN Manager, Paramount Pictures

Features and Benefits

  • Any size project -- up to 1000 tasks and 100 resources.
  • Drag and drop "hints" from Libraries of Goals, Phases and Obstacles.
  • Gantt chart for "big picture" scheduling.
  • Seven presentation-ready reports.
  • Save As HTML -- post project plans on your Intranet.
  • Hot link to Outlook, Word and Excel -- include plans in Proposals, Requirement Documents and Scope Statements.
  • Export to Microsoft Project and other PM software.
  • FREE technical support
  • Low install cost: $299 per copy.

Get Project KickStart: Project Management Software

When you purchase Project KickStart, you will receive a License Key that will convert a trial to a full working version. The License Key is good for two activations. Therefore, you may install Project KickStart on your work computer and at home (or on your laptop.)

We know that you will love Project KickStart and encourage you to download our free project manage ment software. Get the latest version of Project KickStart with a quick and easy free trial download.

System Requirements

  • Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 128 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space
  • Project KickStart may be installed on a network

Buy Project KickStart with the easy-to-use Gantt chart for the price of $299, or try Project KickStart for free!


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Information Technology Project Management Software

Our information technology project management software is one of the top rated products specializing in assisting IT professionals. We live in a time of increasing complexities. Risk management and minimizing waste is key. Use Project KickStart to the following and more!

  • Keep track of project changes
  • Follow updates
  • Watch timelines
  • Manage expansion
  • Create Gantt charts
  • Add modifications to objectives
  • Tie into other Microsoft programs for more efficient planning and resource management.

Information Technology Planning Professionals

If you are an IT professional, this is the software for you! When it's time to begin your project planning in earnest, Project KickStart delivers! Why is planning using software such a necessary aspect of modern-day projects? You will likely find that in the process of thinking through your project, you will have a much deeper understanding of each aspect of it. For example, using Project KickStart to help you identify the specific tasks and subtasks will help you properly scope the project to determine just how many resources are needed. At the highest level, you will define goals, phases, obstacles, tasks, costs, and resources for your project.


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