New to Product Management Productivity Pack Templates

Get productive right out of the starting gates. Whether used as a stand alone or in conjunction with Project KickStart, these templates will help you get your project off to a great start, and keep it that way. $15.00



Set your project and yourself up for success

The "New to Project Management" Productivity Pack is great for those who want to quickly master the basics of setting up, managing, and properly documenting a project. The Productivity Pack will help streamline your documentation process and make managing your next project easier than ever. You can easily attach these templates to the notes portion of a task in Project KickStart.

"New to Project Management" allows you to quickly standardize and streamline your documentation process by providing you with Project Approval, Project Update, and Milestone Summary forms, to name a few. Our customers love them and we know you will too.

The New to Project Management Productivity Pack contains the following templates:

1. Project Authorization – use this document to help describe a project's goals and deliverables, approximate costs, etc. This high level analysis is a great lead in to doing a first draft in Project KickStart.

2. Action Item Request - Scope Change Request – use this template to quickly, yet thoroughly, document changes (scope, cost, etc.) to your project, and secure any approvals.

3. Milestone – describe your milestones, tasks to be finished during each stage, and answer important questions regarding the project timeline, budget, and go/no go decisions.

4. Project Manager Status Report – Ongoing status is easily recorded in this document, with an overall red/yellow/green project indication, milestone description and status, cost information, and scope changes.

5. Team Member Status Report – Each team member can provide details about their results during the period, any goals not achieved and why, and a brief plan for the next period. Use Project KickStart reports to quickly fill in your status report.

The Productivity Pack is available here for $15.00.

Note: all templates are in Microsoft Word format.

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