Gantt charts you can use every day

Project KickStart is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, project management program used by a variety of organizations. From the start, your entire project can be automatically updated when tasks or timelines change - saving time and ensuring project accuracy. Overall, you'll improve project success rates, your bottom line, and even lower your stress. How does Project KickStart Pro 5 do it? The key is a powerful feature called dependencies.


Project KickStart Pro can automatically put in dependencies between tasks in your Gantt chart. These show up as links between tasks. You can adjust these dependencies and use them to handle scheduling demands, delays, and surprises without manually modifying every task in your project. Dependencies let you make adjustments as events change, giving you a more robust schedule and the opportunity to conduct what-if analysis. Using dependencies in your Gantt chart, you can gain ultimate control of you resources and finances. You can plan a project and create a dependency Gantt chart in just 30 minutes.


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A picture is worth a thousand words! A dynamic picture is priceless!

Gantt charts are a visual display of your project schedule. Time duration is represented by bars and milestones. Easily customize your chart by using color and other scheduling options. We also provide you with free Gantt chart software templates and examples.

  • Task links (dependencies) can be set up automatically based on user preference
  • You can link (or unlink) multiple tasks
  • You can adjust predecessors and successors as well as lead time for the most accurate schedule
  • Project calendar sets non-working days or set all days to working days in preferences
  • Add color to task bars to display additional resource or schedule information
  • Track Costs and Percent Done
  • Print 3 styles of Gantt charts and customize report format
  • Export data to Microsoft Office Suite, MindManager, ACT!
  • Save your Gantt chart as an image file for collaboration
  • Export to PowerPoint or Microsoft Project

Gantt Chart Example

Dependencies you can depend on

Project KickStart Pro, with dependencies in the Gantt chart, is a sophisticated scheduling and project management tool is designed to make complex project scheduling easy and straightforward.


Use dependencies to handle scheduling demands, delays, and surprises without modifying every task in your project. Dependencies let you make adjustments as events change, giving you a more robust schedule and the opportunity to conduct what-if analysis.


Suppose you are managing a corporate brochure printing project involving several marketing copywriters and dozens of tasks. One of your first tasks is to meet with the corporate marketing department and copywriters but unbeknownst to you they have a team offsite the day you scheduled the meeting, so the meeting gets pushed by two days. Using dependencies, you can delay the meeting in a couple of clicks, and Project KickStart Pro automatically updates the schedule for the remaining tasks and instantly makes your project reflect the latest reality.


Although dependencies meet your advanced scheduling needs, the Project KickStart Pro approach to dependencies keeps them as simple as possible. When you display the Gantt chart the first time, all tasks are not linked, allowing you to establish links between tasks, adjust durations, schedules of individual tasks, and time between tasks, which is called Lead Time in Project KickStart Pro.


It ain't Microsoft Project — and that isn't necessarily a bad thing

Unlike other project management programs such as Microsoft Project, Project KickStart Pro does not burden you with complicated error messages and various types of dependencies. It provides only one type of dependency, finish-to-start, which is the most common type. This means you can fine-tune your schedule as soon as you open the Gantt chart without having to learn technical terms or advanced project management techniques.


Your Gantt chart starts with Project KickStart's planning wizard

Project KickStart's intuitive interface guides you through six project management steps for brainstorming and planning your project. Your project plan will automatically populate your Gantt chart. Learn more



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Free Gantt Chart Creator Software

Project KickStart Pro's simple, yet powerful, Gantt chart provides a visual timeline for scheduled tasks, assignments and project status. It’s easy to move items around and it’s visually appealing. Few project management tools offer this level of sophistication and ease.


A Gantt Chart Program with a Difference!

The first basic Gantt charts were developed by Henry Gantt in 1917. Gantt charts have since become extremely popular, especially when they are used as a project planning and management tool that helps users clearly understand their project status at a glance. We proudly offer one of the most popular project management Gantt chart software products on the market today! (Please note that some of the most common misspellings include gant chart and gannt chart).


A task is listed per row and dates run along the top in specific timeframes (days, weeks, quarters, months, or years) depending on the total expected length of the project. Tasks may run sequentially, in parallel, or overlapping. Automated Gantt charts, like those in Project KickStart, can store additional information about tasks, such as the individuals assigned to the specific task, cost, percentage (%) completed, and notes or attachments.


Important events, such as the date of a design review, can be included as a milestone and is indicated with a diamond-shaped symbol. Gantt Charts are also easy to change, which is helpful. Charts should be adjusted frequently to reflect the actual status of project and underlying tasks.


Let your Gantt chart excel at making projects easier

Project Kickstart Pro 5 makes it easy to create a Gantt chart that works for you. Customize the software to suit your needs right from the beginning of a project such as in the planning phase. Pro will do the following:


  • Easily see an overview of the schedule, tasks and progression of the project
  • Monitor project status to verify that it's still on schedule
  • Assess how long a project should take
  • Lay out the order in which tasks need to be carried out.
  • Determine the resources needed
  • If the project is falling behind schedule or is over budget, the Gantt chart will identify the causes and take the necessary steps to correct any problems
  • Save time and money while creating successful projects

Thanks to years of award-winning refining, Project Kickstart offers useful tools for planning, scheduling, and managing projects. It includes all of the essential elements of a powerful and flexible dependency Gantt Chart.


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