MindManager 8



MindManager 8 has 2-way links with Project KickStart. Create mind maps in MindManager and send them to Project KickStart for assigning and scheduling. Or, create Project KickStart plans and then visualize them in MindManager. MindManager is the award-winning "Visual Thinking" tool that increases your productivity and creativity.


MindManager 8 links with Project KickStart!

Mindjet MindManager 8 helps people and businesses visualize information through mind mapping. Maps, created in MindManager software, help users to quickly develop ideas, understand complex issues and relationships and identify next steps. MindManager software enhances strategic thinking, accelerates project and process planning and increases productivity. MindManager 8 is available here for $349.00.

MindManager 8 has hundreds of uses:

  • Capture, develop, and communicate project objectives and details
  • Quickly create, organize and present project scope and key ideas to stakeholders
  • Communicate complex processes clearly
  • Visually identify important tasks, issues and relationships
  • Also transfers data to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project

"Two-way" Links Between Project KickStart and MindManager

You can easily export to MindManager. MindManager instantly displays a visual map of the tasks in Project KickStart. You can see the project structure, including the phases, tasks and notes. Or, you can develop a rough plan in MindManager, and export your mind map to Project KickStart for detailed planning. It goes both ways!

" If you never do any planning, writing, research, organizing, learning or thinking, then you can probably manage without it. But for the rest of us, Mind Manager is a must-have product."
-- PC Pro magazine

MindManager 8 System Requirements

  • Microsoft Vista, XP Professional, Home or Tablet PC Editions
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • IBM or compatible Pentium processor (700 MHz or greater)
  • 256 MB RAM or greater, 512 MB RAM or greater on Vista
  • 150 MB disk space and 50 MB more during installation
  • SVGA (1024 x768 with 16-bit color or greater)
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher
  • MindManager 8 also links with Microsoft Project

MindManager 8 is available here for $349.00.

Experience In Software is a Mindjet partner.


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