Project KickStart Standard 5

Use Project KickStart™ Standard to generate ideas, solve problems and increase efficiency

Generate Ideas

Project KickStart helps you generate ideas by asking the right questions, giving guidance where needed, and allowing you to quickly create a smart, efficient, and organized plan with phases, goals, obstacles and solutions that will help your business.

  • Six-step wizard quickly guides you through creating your plan
  • Get up and running quickly with FREE sample projects that include goals, phases, tasks, obstacles and more


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Solving problems

Project KickStart Standard helps you identify problems, potential solutions, and provides you with a streamlined, organized framework where you can review the entire project plan and schedule at once in a Gantt chart. Save time, energy, and achieve your full potential, quickly and easily — one project at a time.

  • Use Gantt chart as a visual display of your project schedule and easily change task parameters
  • Exports data to Microsoft Project, Outlook, Word, and Excel, MindJet MindManager, WBS Chart, or ACT!
  • Instantly generates PowerPoint presentations of your project

Increase Efficiency

Project KickStart Standard helps you increase efficiency in concrete ways. Efficiency in project management is about being organized, detail oriented, having a good understanding of your resources, tracking your budget and % done, among other aspects. Above all, Project KickStart helps you save time, money, and be more productive.

  • Organizes your thoughts quickly with easy user interface
  • Straight forward task management and progress tracking keeps your project optimized for more efficient, successful projects
  • Keep project on track with basic budgeting, milestones, and % done


Basic Gantt Charts



Use Gantt chart to schedule your project, review progress, and manage the project.

Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Act!, MindManager & more

Great reports to help you in all stages of your project, from project planning, project management, and Gantt reports.




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