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We realize that you're not likely to be thinking all day about project management - but we do :-). Here are some books we've liked reading, or they matched the spirit of Project KickStart by making projects easier, less complicated, and, we hope, more successful.

scrappy project management.

Scrappy Project Management: The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces

by Kimberly Wiefling (Paperback - Sep 2, 2007) $17.95

Projects are MESSY! From the minute the project begins, all manner of changes, surprises and disasters befall them. Unfortunately most of these are PREDICTABLE and AVOIDABLE.

Tact and diplomacy can only get you so far in the wild and wacky world of project work. A combination of outrageous creativity, sheer bravado and nerves of steel will serve you far better than any fancy-schmancy Microsoft Project Gantt chart!

'Scrappy Project Management' is about what REALLY happens in the project environment, how to survive it, and how to make sure that your team avoids the predictable and avoidable pitfalls that every project faces.

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applying project management in the workplace (book)

Applying Project Management in the Workplace--PDF Book

This new edition of Jeff Crow's book is a practical guide to the tools, techniques and processes of project management. It gives you valuable tips and tricks and a road-map to project success. You'll marvel at his insights. And you'll be able to apply his lessons again and again. Includes 21 checklists, 16 forms, 14 problem-solving tools, and 85 process tips. $30.00



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