Team Editions and Individual Users

Thanks for considering purchasing a Project KickStart Pro Team Edition or Individual Pro User. If you're operating in a team environment, as about 70% of our customers are, consider the Pro Team Value Edition for the best value. And the value goes well beyond a price discount per license.


The results of independent scientific research in productivity show that teams are significantly more productive than the same number of individuals working alone. There's no better way to get co-workers to collaborate, plan, and execute projects most effectively and efficiently than by having them use the same tools, methodology and best practices. Put your best foot forward, get Project KickStart to generate more ideas, better solve your business problems, and increase your team's efficiency.

Value Starter Individual Pro Users
10 Users 5 Users 1 User
Price $2,625 $1,425 $299
Discount 12.5% 5%  
Purchase now Purchase Project KickStart Value Purchase Project KickStart Starter Purchase Project KickStart Single User
Project plans (new) X X x
Dependency Gantt charts (new) X X x
Reporting (new) X X x
Networkable X X x
Multi-user access X X  
Best practices X X  
Add multiple users in steps X X  
Maximize ROI X X  
"Train the trainer" X X  
Quantity price breaks X X  
Free email support X X x

Improve your project communications, data sharing, and best practices within hours of implementing Project KickStart. Watch your project success rate skyrocket when your employees plan, manage, and successfully complete each project - as a team.

We also offer site license (for your whole company) and Team editions of more than 10 users. To learn more, please contact Sales at 1-800-678-7008.

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