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The Pro upgrade is a must have for all our customers, whether business, educational, or nonprofit users. You will find Project KickStart Pro 5 the most powerful version even, still very easy to use.

Upgrade to the latest version of Project KickStart. Find your upgrade options at the bottom of this page. You are eligible for an upgrade if you own a previous version of Project KickStart. Upgrades are offered to existing customers at a significant discount. What's new in Pro version 5? | Product Tour | Upgrade Prices


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Gantt Chart Dependencies

    In today's working environment, most projects have tasks that depend on another task in terms of timing, completion, or other factors.
  • Advanced fuctionality for automatically updating entire schedule when tasks are updated.
  • Create the most realistic project plans by linking tasks that are specifically related.
  • Spend valuable time on your plan and managing your project, not on manually updating tasks with new dependency feature.

Gantt Chart Improvements

  • Improved Gantt chart with working days calendar.
  • Gantt chart displays new Summary bars and project milestones.
  • Added Cost column and Percent done column.
  • Color options for Gantt chart bars.
  • Three new Gantt chart reports.
  • Print custom headers and footers on all reports.
  • Save Gantt chart as an image file.

Planning Wizard Improvements

  • Updated interface.
  • Undo Button through-out the program.
  • Added address book look and feel to People Library.
  • Attach documents & hyperlinks to tasks.
  • Improved editing on the Tasks step
  • Print wide variety of Task reports with custom editing.
  • Email reports to colleagues from within Project Kickstart
  • Download free trial

Export Improvements

  • Exports to Microsoft Office 2010.
  • New export to ACT! 2007 - 2012.
  • Improved export to Outlook.
  • Gantt chart image exports to PowerPoint.

System Requirements

  • Windows Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 128 MB RAM, 30MB free disk space
  • Project KickStart may be installed on a network

Upgrade Options for Project KickStart Users


Upgrade From Standard 5
to Pro 5 for $120


Upgrade From Pro 4
to Pro 5 for $150


Upgrade From Standard 4
to Pro 5 for $175


Upgrade From V3 & Earlier
to Pro 5 for $199
You do not have to have the prior version on your computer to upgrade.
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