Project Management Videos

Don't worry. Project KickStart is easy to use without any training. The step-by-step planning wizard, built-in instructions and onscreen Advisor provide guidance every step of the way. See a quick demo.

Our Project Management videos show you how to use specific features in the planning wizard and Gantt chart while also showing some useful project management tips and techniques.

Before you begin, enable sound on your PC. (If your Flash player doesn't work, you may need to update it.)

View Project Management Videos:

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Project KickStart Overview (5:30)

    Introduction to Project KickStart

    Navigating Project KickStart

    Six Steps to Create a Project Task List




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Phases, Goals, Obstacles, and People (9:30)

    Developing Project Phases and Tasks

    Creating Project Goals and Tasks

    Building Tasks from Previously Planned Projects

    Identifying Project Team Members and Tasks

    Project Contact Lists

    Managing Risks (Obstacles) and Contingency Planning



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Assign People and Organize Tasks (7:20)

    How to Assign People and Other Resources to Tasks

    How to Organizing a Project Task List

    Developing Project Subtasks

    Editing the Project Task List

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Managing the Gantt Chart (9:07)

    Editing Start/Finish Dates and Durations

    Working with Weekends and Holidays

    Adjusting Tasks According to Resource Availability

    Tracking Project Tasks

    Tracking Project Costs

    Project Milestones



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Project KickStart, Project Communications (10:24)

    Team Building with Project KickStart

    Using Project Task Notes

    Linking Tasks and Documents

    How to Use Project Reports

    Reporting Time, Resources and Costs

    Gantt Chart Reports

    Exporting PKS Data to Other Programs

About Joe Fusco, MBA
Joseph Fusco created our new Project Management tutorials for Project KickStart

Joseph Fusco, a San Francisco-based consultant and trainer created our new Project Management videos for Project KickStart. Joe's played an important role over the years in many versions of Project KickStart, including as a content consultant in the latest version.

Joe is a veteran project management consultant and founding member of the Project Management Institute, Sacramento Valley Chapter. He teaches classes in project management software at various universities and conducts project management workshops throughout the United States. Joe is available for project scheduling workshops and for support for project management software users.

Contact Joe via email or by phone at: (415) 550-1233.

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